Pay Your Taxes With Crypto: Bank of Brazil Makes It Easier

• Bank of Brazil has announced that citizens can now pay their taxes with cryptocurrency.
• This financial development is possible through a partnership with Bitfy, a blockchain solutions company.
• The Bank of Brazil is popular for its friendly involvement in the crypto space, having recently offered its customers exposure to a crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Bank Of Brazil Introduces Tax Payment With Crypto

Bank of Brazil, a.k.a Banco do Brasil, has announced that citizens can now pay their taxes with cryptocurrency. According to a post on their official website, Brazil’s oldest bank stated that this financial development is possible via a partnership with Bitfy, a popular blockchain solutions company with investment in BB’s Corporate Venture Capital Program (CVC).

How Does it Work?

Through this collaboration, Brazilians holding cryptocurrencies with Bitfy can now easily pay their taxes, fees, and governmental obligations using their assets. The mechanism behind this service is similar to customers paying for a ticket by capturing a barcode. Using the Bitfy app, taxpayers need only select their preferred cryptocurrency for payment and then scan a barcode before going on to confirm payment.

Bank Of Brazil Leading The Way

The introduction of this technology only stamps the Bank of Brazil’s position as a leading force in modern financial solutions. In addition to providing a convenient and easily accessible tax payment method to citizens, the successful adoption of this initiative could possibly transform the banking landscape. It is also worth noting that the Bank of Brazil’s contract with Bitfy also allows all partners – fintechs and financial institutions – of the state-owned bank to extend similar tax payment options to their customers based on existing agreements between BB and certain public service agencies.

Cryptocurrency In Brazil

The Federative Republic of Brazil is widely known as one of the most progressive countries when it comes to embracing digital currencies and blockchain technologies; both regions have been making waves in recent months thanks largely due to regulation changes or government support initiatives within them—the latter being seen especially in regards to taxation laws related to crypto assets held by individuals or companies operating within Brazilian territory..


This new announcement from Bank Of Brasil serves as yet another example that cryptocurrency is quickly becoming an accepted form of payment around the world – particularly when it comes to paying taxes and other governmental obligations! With many more countries set up similar frameworks soon enough – we may be looking at an entirely different kind of global economy sooner than expected!

Pay Your Taxes With Crypto: Bank of Brazil Makes It Easier
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